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Communiqués from Chicagoiguala

Semillas Autónomas

A collection of extracts from communiqués released by Chicago-based anarchist group Semillas Autónomas between 2014 and 2017. Some were flyers announcing or calling for specific actions, others were flyers distributed during actions, etc. One statement was written to be read at the Asamblea Popular to be held inside the consulate once it was breached, and was only circulated by video recording. For more information, visit

“The War on Drugs is a way to govern through deathmaking, disappearance, and terror, to govern not in the interests of living beings but in the interests of capital. This war is not just against the students from Ayotzinapa, but against the consciousness and forms of life they represent. It disappears those who arm themselves in self-defense against the narcos, mining companies, and government occupation; the Yaquis who fight in defense of ancestral waters and the right to exist; those defending the lands from resource extraction, those who refuse to acquiesce to their own destruction; in short, all those who stand in the way of the neoliberal restructuring of life, who create autonomy and threaten the interests of multinational corporations.”