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Insurrectional Anarchism – a Reader


In 2005, the Swedish review Dissident released its second issue, which was devoted to insurrectional anarchist-communist perspectives. Soon after, the journal disbanded and went out of print, relegating this collection to the obscure reaches of the internet. We hope this zine will allow these ideas to reach a wider audience, enriching our understanding of the internal critique and development of revolutionary methods in the late 20th century, and allowing them to assume a new life in our struggles today.


Foreword, The Batko Group

Postscript, The Batko Group

Anarchists and Action, Alfredo Bonanno

The Insurrectional Project, Alfredo Bonanno

Insurrectionary Organization, Jean Weir

Thirteen Notes on Class Struggle, Sasha K.

Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism, Killing King Abacus

Insurrectionary Action & Self-Organized Struggle, Sasha K. 

The Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement, Killing King Abacus

Insurrectionary Practice and Capitalist Transformation, the batko group and Sasha K.

The Revolutionary Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself, (Anonymous)

Anti-Mass: Methods of Organization for Collectives, The Red Sunshine Gang 

Autonomous Movement of the Turin Railway Workers, Movimento autonomo di base 

"Insurrectional anarchism emerges as a perspective within the class struggle. This perspective can be expressed in three key principles: (i) Permanent conflictuality: the struggle should never turn into mediation, bargaining or compromise; (ii) Autonomy and self-activity: the struggle should be carried out without representatives and ‘specialists’; (iii) Organization as attack: the organization should be used as a tool in the attack against state and capital, and not treated as a goal in and of itself. What this means, in its most essential and concrete way, is this: to seize and keep the initiative…