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Calvin Warren

“The ‘Black Queer’ does not and cannot exist. [] ‘Blackness’ is the ontological position of the derelict object, unredeemable, and ‘Queerness’ is the site of a subjectivity pushed to its limit—pushed, but yet within the scope of humanity. The two positions are not reconcilable, and when they do intersect, the result is fatal. The suffering of anti-gay violence is within the world; we have a grammar to capture its horror. The ‘suffering’ of the black-object is not of this world—it sustains the world, but is not of it—and the ‘suffering’ of this object lacks a proper grammar. The ‘being’ situated at the site of this violence is what we call a ‘black queer’, but it is a ‘being’ that does not exist within the onto-existential horizon, and if we insist on the ‘existence’ of this being it inhabits such a low frequency that its existence becomes inconsequential.”