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War in the Streets

Tactical Lessons from the Global Civil War

The idea for this zine was to collect a series of situated and intelligent reflections on tactics of confrontation.  Each of the texts collected here tries to spell out in concrete ways what seems like it has worked and what hasn’t, while trying to be clear about how each tactic relates to the larger insurrectional process. Given the current US climate of increasingly open social hostility and the more ‘mass’ nature of some of the rage already foreseeable in the coming years, the time seemed right to assemble a few strategic pathmarks to help orient and operate effectively on shifting sands.


-“How is it to be fun?,” Anonymous (2012)

-“Signals of Disorder:  Sowing Anarchy in the Metropolis,” AG Schwarz (2010)

-“The Riot or the Attack? Solidarity and questions for US Anarchists after May Day,” AG Schwarz (2011)

-“Yes, And: Results from the North American Contagious Antagonisms Inquiry,” North American Society for the Advancement of Criminal Science (2012)

-“Reflections on Violence,” (2016)

-“Build the Hacienda, Burn Down the Palaces,” (2016)

-“The Unassignable Riot,” (2016)