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Our subjection to common sense pulls us away from the mad flux of anarchic difference, so that we recognize only the identity in things. But what if we gave free rein to ill will? What if thought freed itself from common sense and decided to function only in its extreme singularity? — Foucault

Ill Will is an independent, volunteer-run web publication dedicated to spreading original and uncompromising reflections on our uncertain times. Since 2013, we have translated, designed, and published texts that push the envelop of what is politically imaginable. Rooted in North America, yet international in orientation, we have published works across four continents and five languages.

For the past eight years, Ill Will has operated without any budget to speak of, relying on the dedication and passion of volunteers for editing, translation, design and layout. In the spring of 2020, the project shifted to its own web platform, significantly increasing the output, range, and visibility of its publications. We currently have a Patreon set up to help offset costs of web hosting and development, and ensure our ability to continue offering content at no cost to its readers. All donations are tax-deductible.