Yellow Letter #20:
Let's Shut it Off


Since the beginning of the Yellow Vests movement, mysterious Yellow Letters have been circulated on roundabouts and social networks. With customary poetic and theoretical acumen, this 20th Letter lays the foundations for a strategy of combat: “if the cold reason from above is to give way to the common sense from below, we must gather ever more people.” 

Lundi matin

Other languages: Français

This world has become logical. It imposes its implacable rhythm on our lives and on our bodies. Those on high ask that we break our backs with nothing to look forward to but disaster. Now they even ask that we join their ranks, that we make a deal with the devil! In fact, it’s only by staying away from their world that we can halt this infernal pace. It’s not too late to reverse the course of things, to sow new seeds on fertile soil. We must no longer be seduced by the refrains of reform, or by their lists of candidates for the European elections! We are the savior we’ve been waiting for!

It’s time to implement our radical project: a clear separation from the world on high. Local experiments must be set in motion to take back abandoned, polluted, endangered and cleared land! We must rebuild our world from below with our hands, our hearts, our vital force. Today, our fighting strategy must be to gather in ever-increasing numbers, in order that the cold reason from above gives way to the common sense from below.

Let’s get down to business! Let’s unravel the national and European territory! Let’s relentlessly fill it in with our experience and know-how: let’s finally secede! It’s no longer about revolt, it is a question of setting up new practical determinations, of creating new ways of being in common! Now that we have, at long last, succeeded in understanding and demystifying the language from on high, let’s come together and build the foundations for yellow houses, yellow communities, yellow lands! Our commons from below must become concrete, active, visible truths! We must engage in a permanent occupation, of the sort we’ve already begun at the roundabouts, but extended to infinity. We know, we have seen, we have experienced that we can count on the immense generosity of this united France.

Let’s make sure of it! The man from on high no longer believes in his reality! Having already given up, he now lingers on out of weariness and weakness! Deep down, he no longer even loves the monsters he has fathered, and prefers to hide out in his tower of denial! He doesn’t want to admit his mistake! If he still tries to see it through to the end, this is solely in order to prove himself right at all costs! It’s up to us, men and women from below, to bring him to acknowledge his misery! Let’s bring him down from his desert heights, bring him back to life, to us! It’s time we tore up the roots of all the fantastic illusions of this world from on high, which hustles its trash, its death and its sadness to us every day in glittering and shiny packaging!

We are governed today by invisible logics, by algorithms stored in air-tight secure rooms that administer the destruction machine day and night! If we are to live again, these must be destroyed! We must obliterate them! Macron is only the first stage of the rocket! We must certainly overthrow him, but we must also confront these mathematical locales: banks, logistics hubs, shopping centers, large global organizations, stock exchanges! The valorization machine must be blocked and shattered! The death train must be derailed! Let’s take back control of this autopilot world!

So, men and women from below, let’s leave their networks, our digital boxes, let’s leave this mortuary prison! Let’s smash the operating systems! No more hesitation! No more backing down! Let’s alter the course of the world! Let’s never again be programmed by the world from on high! Let’s create our short circuits from below! Spread the Yellow Virus worldwide!

To us.

Translated by Ill Will